The front panel on my new PVR is scratched

If the front panel on your new PVR appears scratched then you most likely have not yet removed the protective plastic sticker(s).

New PVRs from most manufacturers come with a protective clear sticker on the front panel. This clear sticker is easily scratched, and should be removed after delivery as it is only there to protect the front panel during assembly and packing. 

On some brands like Beyonwiz and Topfield this protective sticker is VERY hard to see and can also be VERY hard to remove. If the front panel of your new Beyonwiz or Topfield does not have a very shiny gloss finish then you need to remove the protective clear sticker.

On a Beyonwiz the protective sticker is actually multiple stickers. There is one each on the thin top and bottom edges, and one on the large centre section. If your Beyonwiz model has an opening front door there are actually 3 more stickers, on the door top and  bottom edges and middle.

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