How Do I Renew My Subscription?

We have a few different ways that you can renew your pre-paid IceTV subscription. All IceTV consumer subscriptions are pre-paid so you are not locked into a contract and there are no penalties for cancelling your subscription at any time.


To Renew Your Subscription Now:

After logging in to your IceTV account you can extend your existing IceTV subscription by clicking on Store then IceTV Subscriptions from the top menu then clicking on the blue "Sign Up or Renew Now" button, and finally checking out of the shopping cart.

During the checkout process you can enable Auto Renew if you want so that your subscription will renew automatically each month (until you disable Auto Renew or your credit card details need updating).


Or to Enable Auto Renew:

You can enable auto renew so that your subscription automatically renews each month by following the steps below. Or you can enable Auto Renew during the checkout process while paying for a subscription (see above).

1. Log into your account at the IceTV website at
2. Click on My Account then Auto Renew Settings, or go here:
3. Type your IceTV password at the bottom of the page where it says "Confirm password".
4. Click on the blue "Enter Card Details" button.
5. Enter your credit card details.
   - The card number must be entered without dashes or spaces.
   - The border of the card number field will turn green once you have entered your card's last digit.
6. Click on the blue "Confirm Details" button to finish.

In the middle of the Auto Renew page on the left you should now see "Auto Renew Status: Enabled".

You can cancel Auto Renew at any time as your account is a Pre-Paid account with no contracts or cancellation penalties.

Note: Auto renew will renew your subscription a day before your subscription is due to expire. If your subscription is already expired, enabling auto renew adds a day to an expired subscription so that auto renew can activate the next morning before the 1 day subscription expires.


Direct Deposit:

If you prefer to renew via a Direct Deposit into our bank account see the information here.



Sorry, we don't have PayPal as a payment option yet.


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