Daylight Saving: What do I need to do when daylight saving starts or ends


If you live in NSW, VIC, TAS, SA or the ACT, you may need to check the time settings on your recorder when Daylight Saving starts, and again when it ends, each year to ensure you don't miss any scheduled recordings.

As those settings are out of IceTV's reach and control, there may be some steps that you need to take to ensure a smooth transition.

For some set-top based recorders you need to manually change the time-zone or offset of the clock on your recorder. Depending on the model, you may also need to re-send the recording schedules from the IceTV website.

Please follow the instructions below for the brand or specific model of your recorder.

Humax PVRs

As long as you have your region set correctly in your IceTV account on the website the Humax will update automatically for you.

Note: If you have a Humax HDR-7500T and it is still using an older software version (before 1.07.00) you must also have your region set correctly in the IceTV settings menu on the PVR.

Mac EyeTV and Windows Media Center

If you have a computer-based recorder (either a Mac running the Geniatech or Elgato EyeTV software or a Windows PC running Windows Media Center) then the computer will automatically adjust the time. The best thing to do on the Sunday morning is check that the time is correct after the changeover and check a couple of your recordings to ensure they are still showing the correct start time and duration, or end time.

Beyonwiz T & U series PVRs

As long as you have your region set correctly in your IceTV account on the website your Beyonwiz Tx will update automatically for you.

Beyonwiz DP-P2, P1, S1, Lite, H1 and FV-L1 PVRs

We recommend the following procedure on the Sunday:

  1. On the Beyonwiz go to the "Setup" via the remote control.
  2. On the Config. menu press OK on Time.
  3. Change the "Time Offset" or "Daylight Saving" option as follows:
    * For AUTO Time Mode change the "Daylight Saving" option (Enable it in Oct and Disable it in Apr).
    * For MANUAL and NETWORK Time Modes change the "Time Offset" by 1 hour (add 1:00 in Oct and subtract 1:00 in Apr).
  4. Clear and resend all timers by following the steps at How do I resend all recordings?

Once your timers have been downloaded (this can take 1 hour) check that they are now showing the correct start time. 

Skippa PVR

As long as you have your region set correctly in your IceTV account your IceTV account on the website your Skippa will update automatically for you. But there were some reports of the Skippa's clock not changing itself until 2pm or 3pm Sunday (instead of 2am or 3am). If this happens to your Skippa you can force the clock to update right away by following the steps here.

Strong PVRs

As long as you have set your region correctly in the settings on the Strong it will update automatically for you.

Topfield TRF-5320, 5310, 5300, 2460, 2400 and TF7100HDPlus

If your Topfield has the Nov 2011 firmware or newer please follow the instructions at:
What do I need to do on my Topfield when Daylight Saving starts or ends?

If your Topfield has older firmware than Nov 2011 please update the firmware so that you can follow the steps above. If you cannot update the firmware then follow the alternative instructions at:
How do I clear out the cached guide and force an update?

Topfield TF7100HDPVRt

If you only have a small number of recordings scheduled for the next week see The Easy 5-Step Method here. Otherwise we recommend that on Sunday you reset the Topfield to factory default settings to clear out the existing timers and then re-send them from the IceTV server as follows:

  1. Perform a reset to factory defaults as detailed in the manual of the Topfield.
  2. Check both the time and time-zone settings under the setup menu of the Topfield.
  3. Re-scan the channels as per the Topfield Manual.
  4. When this has been done you can re-setup the network connection as per the Topfield Manual.
  5. Re-enter your IceTV username and password under the EPG Settings section, more details on this can be found at Setting up IceTV for your Topfield TF7100HDPVRt.
  6. Go to My Account then My Recorders on the website.
  7. Click on the Settings button to the right of your Topfield.
  8. Click on the "Resend all recordings for this device" link, this will re-queue all recordings and they will then be scheduled on the Topfield during it's next update from IceTV.

All others including Dvico, DGTEC, Arista, Diginet & old Topfields

Change the time and time-zone information under the setup menu of the PVR (check your manual on how to do this) and then manually force an update of new guide information. You should now see the guide at the correct times. One thing to note is that any timers that were setup before changing the time-zone information will probably be at the wrong time and will need to be cancelled and re-setup to be at the correct time.


If you have any problems following these steps or have problems afterwards please contact support


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