Which Region should I select in My Account?

If you are unsure about which Region you should select for you location then the following information may help.

  1. If you have already been using IceTV with a recorder and you then change regions in your account there are steps that you need to perform to ensure that your recorder has your new region's guide data and your recording schedules are set to their correct channels. Please see our guide on changing regions.
  2. The following regions require setting the correct channel numbers in your account. This is important if you intend using IceTV on a supported recorder (PVR, media centre etc). Please see our guide on setting the correct channels
    • ACT
    • Adelaide
    • Darwin
    • Gold Coast
    • NSW Regional Northern
    • NSW Regional Southern
    • NT Regional
    • Perth
    • QLD Regional
    • SA Regional
    • Tasmania
    • VIC Regional
    • WA Regional

Selecting the correct region for your location

New South Wales

  • If you receive the Sydney channels you should select Sydney.
  • If you are located north of Sydney you should select NSW Regional Northern, and set the correct channels.
  • If you are located south of Sydney you should select NSW Regional Southern, and set the correct channels.
  • If you are in Broken Hill you should select the Broken Hill region.
  • If you are west of Sydney (but not in Broken Hill) you need to select either NSW Regional Northern or NSW Regional Southern, depending on whether you receive NBN or WIN, and set the correct channels.  
    • NSW Regional Northern includes NBN.
    • NSW Regional Southern includes WIN.


  • If you receive the Brisbane channels you should select Brisbane.
  • If you receive the Gold Coast channels you should select Gold Coast, and set the correct channels.
  • If you are outside of the Brisbane and Gold Cast suburban areas you should select QLD Regional, and set the correct channels.


  • If you receive the Melbourne channels you should select Melbourne.
  • If you are outside of the Melbourne suburban area you should select VIC Regional, and set the correct channels.

South Australia

Western Australia

Northern Territory

Australian Capitol Territory



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