How can I view and update my support tickets?

To view, close or update your IceTV support tickets: 

- Go to
- Click on login at the top-right corner, within the blue background.
- Enter your email address and IceTV password.
- Click on the login button.
- Click on the 'Check your existing requests' tab.
- Click on the open ticket that you wish to view or update (newest are at the bottom).

To view recently solved or closed tickets: 
On the right-hand side, click on 'View your recently solved and closed requstes'.
- Click on the ticket that you wish to view (newest are at the bottom).

To reopen a solved (but not closed) ticket::
- Enter a comment in the Comments section at the bottom of the page.
- Click on the Submit button when finished

To mark a ticket as solved:
- Tick the 'Mark as solved' checkbox then click on the Submit button (with or without a comment)

Note: Closed tickets cannot be re-opened, but you can create a follow-up by clicking on the 'Create Follow-up' button. 

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