The IceBox Remote Control



How to use the IceBox remote control skip buttons.

If you go to "Player" via the system cog you’ll see a list of skip times and underneath a default number of 750 milliseconds (3/4 second). These are defaults but can be varied if you choose once you have used the skip feature within recordings.

Each left or right button press done in under 750ms gives a skip of 10sec, 30sec, 60sec and 3minutes (our default settings).

Once replaying a recording, for a forward skip, if you quickly press the right button next to "OK" in less than 3/4 second per press you’ll move up the range of skip times to the maximum of our default settings limit of 3 minutes. However if you press the button more slowly once you have reached the skip time you desire then you can use slower presses to move forwards at that increment. It’s a smart way to skip variable times to accurately get to the end of an advert, or move forward within a show. The same applies backwards with the left button.

The speed of skip presses can be varied from 750ms in the Player as can the range of skip times, up to 30 minutes but we have reduced them by default to 3 minutes maximum so that errant presses don’t shoot to the 30 minute time and the end of a show.
It becomes easy and second nature with a little practice.

The up and down buttons give +/- 10 minutes.

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