How do I reset the network or IceBox or rescan channels?

Sometimes it is necessary to reset the IceBox back to defaults, if you follow these steps you will not lose any of your upcoming timers or existing recordings.

  1. Go into "Settings" from the home screen, this is the cog at the top of the screen.
  2. Go down and select "LibreELEC"
  3. On the "System" tab on the left hand side, look for the option on the right hand side of "Reset System Settings to defaults" (at the bottom of the screen it will say in green SOFT RESET)
  4. When prompted if you are sure, select "Yes".

The IceBox will then reboot twice, on the first reboot you will see some text on the screen as the soft reset is actually performed, then it will reboot again and load into a clean IceBox installation.

Upon loading you will get the standard setup wizards, the full steps on how to complete these are and even more handy tips on using the IceBox can be found at IceBox Setup & User Guide

To note when running through the setup again, if you are using a wireless network, please double check that the connection is established and is showing an IP Address (and is listed as online) before continuing through the setup wizard.  We strongly recommend that a 5G network is chosen if available to reduce the possibility of interference.

After the Soft Rest please cross check in the Settings - System "Audio" section that you TV is chosen or you may not have sound.

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