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The IceBox BYOB software runs on a lot of different hardware, however the current beta release only supports x86 platforms. More will be added in the future.

Currently we do not have a 'legacy' version available that supports nVidia graphics cards, if you wish to use the IceBox software on a computer with an nVidia graphics card then please let us know so we can gauge interest.

We do not provide support for the IceBox BYOB installation process. User support is available via the IceTV Forum at:

IceTV IceBox BYOB Forum


The latest IceBox firmware can be downloaded from:

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Preparing the installation USB stick

Once you have downloaded the current IceBox firmware the creation of the installation USB can be performed using the Balena Etcher software, this can be found at:

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Once you have the installation USB stick prepared you will need to boot the computer from the USB stick itself, this is done in the BIOS. You should refer to the manual of your motherboard or computer on how to do this.

We would also recommend to enable the BIOS setting for "Power On" to enable the computer to power on automatically after a power loss, depending on your BIOS it will be listed differently so you will need to look in your manual on how to do this.

Once you have booted into the IceBox installation select to install it and select your hard drive, and you will need to confirm that multiple times, then when complete select the Reboot option, this will restart the computer into your new IceBox setup.

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IceBox Setup

The IceBox setup guide can be found at:

IceBox Setup & User Guide

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