T/U/V series WLAN/LAN test

If you have network problems then please run this test:


  1. Press ”Menu" on the remote control then
  2. "Setup"
  3. "Network"
  4. "Network Adapter Selection" - and if it’s WiFi choose "WLAN connection", if it’s ethernet choose "LAN connection"
  5. Network Test" (3rd from top of list) - "Start Test" (the green button).
  6. After a few seconds all the 5 sections should have a green tick or a red cross showing the network issue.
  7. Press RED button to CLOSE the test
  8. On the remote control press exit - exit - exit - exit until back at the live TV screen.


If it shows LAN failures then check your cables, connectors and the router.


If it shows failures for WiFi re-run the Network setup as follows:

On the TV screen press “OK” to action each step except when choosing via left/right arrow or the GREEN “SAVE” button


  1. Press Menu on the remote control
  2. Setup
  3. Network
  4. Network Adapter Selection
  5. WLAN connection
  6. Scan Wireless Networks (5th from the top of the list)
  7. Choose the correct one for your WiFi network from the list
  8. Enable wireless network interface with left/right remote arrow (button goes blue on the left side)
  9. Automatic configuration (DHCP) with left/right remote arrow (button goes blue on the left side)
  10. Encryption - "WPA or WPA2" (ie choose the option with both)
  11. Encryptions Key - add the modem password (NOT the IceTV password, the modem password which is usually on a label on the back or underside of the modem)
  12. PRESS the GREEN remote control button to SAVE
  13. Then re-run the test again.
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