Setting up IceTV with TvHeadend

To setup the IceTV Guide within TvHeadend please follow the instructions below. If you have any technical problems then please contact Support.

You must first ensure that you have your DVB Inputs and Channels setup within TvHeaded, the TvHeadend setup instructions for this can be found at under the Help section within the TvHeadend web interface.

Once TvHeadend is configured you can setup IceTV within TvHeadend using these steps:

  1. Install the 'xmltv' package (for example using Ubuntu the command would be 'sudo apt-get install xmltv')
  2. Download the IceTV XMLTV based grabber from Where can I download the IceTV perl grabber?
  3. Copy the grabber script to the '/usr/bin/' folder (or the folder where the rest of the grabber scripts from XMLTV are located) and made it executable ('chmod +x /usr/bin/tv_grab_au_icetv')
  4. Run the script as the TvHeadend User
    1. By default on Ubuntu this would be 'hts', so its 'sudo su - hts'
    2. Then to configure the script 'tv_grab_au_icetv --configure'
    3. Enter your email address and password when asked, if you don't already have an IceTV account it will create one for you when configuring the grabber script.
    4. Press enter once the channel list has been displayed
  5. Restart TvHeadend to have it pick up the new options ('sudo service tvheadend restart')
  6. Within TvHeadend go to the Configuration tab, then select the "Channel / EPG" subtab, then the "EPG Grabber Modules" tab under that.
  7. Look down the list for "Internal: XMLTV: Australia (IceTV)" under the list of grabbers and select it.
  8. Ensure that "View level: Expert" is set from the menu on the right hand side (click it to change it to Expert if not already).
  9. Under the Parameters list on the right hand side tick the "Enabled" checkbox, then change the Priority to '0'.
  10. Click the "Save" button at the top and then "Re-run Internal EPG Grabbers".
  11. On the "Channels" tab (once again under "Configuration" and then "Channel / EPG") edit each channel and select the correct IceTV channel in the "EPG Source" field, then click on "Save".
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