AutoSkip not working on recordings on new channels

AutoSkip does not work on recordings from channels broadcast in MPEG-4 (like 9HD, Ten HD, 7HD, WinHD and NBN HD)

When the Skippa's manufacturer was integrating IceTV's AutoSkip technology into the Skippa's software they appear to have not considered that Australia may eventually get some digital TV channels broadcasting in MPEG-4. As the manufacturer is no longer trading in Australia and has no business relationship with the new IceTV company there won't be any software updates to make AutoSkip work on MPEG-4 recordings.

The HD mpeg-4 channels are copies of other channels which are still broadcast in digital mpeg-2, where AutoSkip still works.

So you can still record your favourite network Nine shows with functioning AutoSkip by recording the show on Nine, on channel 9 or 91 (8 or 81 for Nine's affiliate channels like NBN and WIN).  For TenHD AutoSkip will still work on recordings on Ten. For 7HD AutoSkip will still work on 7 and 7mate recordings (7HD is a copy of 7 in Melbourne and Adelaide, and a 7HD is a copy of 7mate in Sydney, Brisbane and Perth). 

If you really want to record your shows on the new mpeg-4 HD channels you can still use the configurable manual skip buttons and / or the fast-forward / rewind buttons to avoid watching ads in any recording.


To prevent your shows from Nine, Ten and 7 or 7mate from recording on 9HD, TenHD and 7HD do the following: 

  1. Go to My Series or log in to your IceTV account and click on TV Guide then click on My Series.
  2. Under the My Series heading click on the Device drop-down and click on your Skippa device to list it's series recordings.
  3. Click on the show you want to edit to display the management options for that show.
  4. Click on the 'Update series on... ' link.
  5. Click on set the 'Advanced options' button.
  6. Under the Quality heading, click on the currently set quality and then click on 'Prefer standard def.'
  7. Click on the 'Update Series Recording' button to save the change.

This will prevent that show from recording on a HD channel if that show is available on an SD channel at the same time. If you now check My Week you should see any existing schedules that were set to record on a HD channel have been replaced with new schedules queued to record on the SD digital channel.




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