Auto Scan Did Not Find Any Channels

First, check the obvious. Make sure you are plugging the cable into the correct antenna socket on the SKIPPA (the one marked IN). Also make sure that the other end of the cable is plugged into an antenna wall socket and not your TV. If the antenna cable also carries Foxtel signals it will confuse the SKIPPA - plugging in a cable that does not have Foxtel signals will fix it.

Occasionally the auto scan will fail but manual scans will work. 

If you have managed to finish the setup wizard but don't have any channels go to 'Menu > Settings > Scan', set the Scan Mode to Manual, then you can do a manual scan for each of the 5 TV network frequencies for your location. If you are in a suburb of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth the 5 TV network frequencies in kHz are: 177500, 184500, 191500, 219500 and 226500.

If you have not got past the initial channel scan, the following will allow you to get the rest of the SKIPPA setup so you can do manual channel scans.

1. Switching it off at the rear switch.
2. Unplug the antenna cable.
3. Switching it on at the rear switch.
4. Let it find 0 channels.
5. Finish the rest of the setup.
6. Plug the antenna cable back in.
7. Follow the steps below.

If you are in a suburb of a capitol city you can use the frequencies listed in steps 5 and 8 below. Otherwise you can get the 5 frequencies from your TV or from You only need the frequencies from 1 ABC channel, 1 SBS channel and 1 channel from each of Seven, Nine and Ten. 

1. Check the antenna cable is plugged into the IN socket on the back of the SKIPPA.
2. Go into 'Menu > Settings > Scan'
3. Set 'Scan Mode' to Manual.


4. Leave the Bandwidth set to 7MHz.
5. Enter 177500 as the kHz if in a suburb of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth (or one of your frequencies if you are ion another location).
6. Press Green button to Start Scan.
7. Press OK to confirm. 
8. After it has finished scanning that frequency repeat steps 5 to 7 but with the following frequencies (or your frequencies if you are not in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Perth)
9. Finally, press the Yellow button and press OK to reboot. 

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