Playing your own video files off a USB drive

When you plug a USB drive into your Skippa and select one of your own video files to play that you have not played before there will be a delay of up to a minute while the Skippa scans the file and creates some info and navigation files. Once the navigation file has been created the video will start playing. The length of time it takes for the video file to be scanned depends on the size of the file, the bitrate of the file, the type of video file and the speed of the USB drive/stick. Please be patient and wait for the video playback to start. 

The next time you want to play that same video file the Skippa will start playing it immediately because the USB drive will already contain the necessary navigation files.

Note: When moving Skippa's own recordings to a USB drive the required navigation files already exist and are moved to the USB drive with the recording. So even the first time you play one of Skippa's recordings off a USB drive it will start playing right away. 



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