How do I reset my SKIPPA and set it up again?

If you have moved to a new region,  or you have been asked by IceTV Support to reset your SKIPPA, or you are having a problem and suspect that setting it up from scratch may help, or just want to reset the SKIPPA, you can reset the SKIPPA to factory default settings as follows. 

Reset the SKIPPA

Before you start please make sure that you know what the IceTV password is and which email address is in your IceTV account. If using WiFi to connect t your SKIPPA to your router you will also need to know your WiFi network's name (SSID) and passphrase.

Note: All recordings on the hard drive will be safe and all of your series recordings will also be safe in your IceTV account. 

1. Press Menu on the remote control.
2. Scroll down to Settings and press OK.
3. Scroll down to General and press OK.
4. Scroll down to the Factory Defaults button on the screen and press OK.


5. Enter the SKIPPA's PIN. This is 1234, unless you have changed the PIN to some other 4 digit number. 


6. Your SKIPPA will now reboot, and guide you through the setup wizard.

Run the Setup Wizard

Finally, follow the SKIPPA Quick Setup Guide will guide to guide you through setting up the SKIPPA again. In Step 3 of the Quick Start Guide make sure to select Existing User to connect the SKIPPA to your existing account. 


If you have any questions or need help please contact IceTV Support.

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