Daylight Saving: What do I need to do when daylight saving starts or ends?


The IceTV SKIPPA will handle daylight saving changes automatically, but there were reports of the clock updating itself in the afternoon, 12 hours late. i.e.

  • In October it adjusted its clock to daylight saving time at 2pm Sunday (instead of 2am Sunday).
  • In April it adjusted its clock to standard time at 3pm Sunday (instead of 3am Sunday).

If you notice in the morning or around midday on the Sunday that your Skippa has not yet adjusted its clock the following steps will adjust the clock on your Skippa right away so you don't need to wait until it does it itself at 2pm or 3pm.

  1. Go to 'Menu > Settings > IceTV'.
  2. Select [Reset EPG] and press OK.
  3. Press OK to confirm that you want to 'Reset TV Guide'.
  4. The Skippa will now reboot, get the correct time and download a fresh copy of the TV Guide data.

Note: Any shows that recorded on the Sunday while the clock was 1 hour out (between 2am and 3pm on the Sunday, or from 2am until when you perform the above steps) will have recorded the correct show, but the start time displayed for those recordings may be 1 hour out.


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