Login failure or Max retries with Name or service not known in IceTV Log

If you see the "Max retries exceeded" or "Name or service not known" in the log for the IceTV plugin on your Beyonwiz, or in a popup error onscreen, check if the Beyonwiz still has an active network connection. Then check if it can still access the Internet (try YouTube or Catch-up TV). 

To test and reconnect the Beyonwiz T series' network connection:

  • Go to "Menu > Settings > Network > Network adaptor selection > Network test" then press the Green button to Start test. You should end up with green results on the left and all ticks in the middle.
  • If there is an error go back one menu (press exit once) then run the 'Network wizard'.

Once you resolve the Beyonwiz's network connection IceTV will resume working.


Other text you may notice in the error log or error message are:

  • Login failure: HTTPConnectionPool
  • Max retries exceeded with url: /login?
  • Can not retrieve channel map: HTTPConnectionPool
  • Max retries exceeded with url: /regions/
  • socket.gaierror
  • [Errno -2] Name or service not known

The last string of text is the key to the cause, "Name or service not known", which indicates that the Beyonwiz cannot find the IceTV server (because it has no network connection or Internet access).

Note: There can be other variations of Login failure with different text after the : colon. If they do not include "Name or service not known" then they are caused by a different issue, which would be specified in the rest of the error message.



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