Why does my T, U or V series Beyonwiz miss late guide changes

If you notice that your Beyonwiz has not been picking up late guide changes you may the update interval set too high. If IceTV updates the guide for a last minute programming change but your Beyonwiz does not download the updated guide in time the Beyonwiz could record the wrong show or miss a large part of a show.

To set the update interval to a suitable amount follow these steps:

  1. On the T, U or V series Beyonwiz, go to 'Plugin > IceTV'.
  2. Select 'Login to IceTV Server' and click OK.
  3. Scroll down to 'Connect to IceTV server every'
  4. Use the left < or right > button (next to the OK button) to change the setting to '5, 10 minutes' or '15 minutes'.
  5. Press the Green button to save the change.

We recommend that you do not set the interval higher than 30 minutes.

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