Change Guide Region for T/U/V series Beyonwiz

Note: These steps are NOT for the old DP series Beyonwiz PVRs.                 

If you have the wrong region selected in your account or have moved to a new region you will need to change the selected region in your IceTV account and perform some important steps on the T series Beyonwiz itself.

If you have changed the channel settings in your account, but still have the same region selected, you should start at section '4. Reboot the Beyonwiz'.

  1. First you need to change the Region in My Account on the IceTV website here.
  2. Clear all existing channels off the Beyonwiz
    1. Go to 'Menu > Setup > Tuner > Manual Scan'.
    2. Set 'Clear before scan' to yes.
    3. Set 'Type of scan' to 'User defined transponder'.
    4. Set 'Bandwidth' to 8MHz (we don't want it to find any channels yet).
    5. Press the Green button to start the channel scan.
    6. Wait until the scan has finished and press the Green button again.
  3. Do a Tuner Scan to update the channels on the Beyonwiz
    1. Go to 'Menu > Setup > Tuner > Location Scan'.
    2. Select your Region and press OK (or select Full Scan if the Location scan doesn't find all of your local channels).
    3. Wait until the channel scan has finished.
  4. Reboot the Beyonwiz
    1. Go to 'Menu > Power'.
    2. Select Reboot and press OK.
  5. Run the IceTV Setup Wizard by following these steps.
  6. Resend all recordings for your Beyonwiz
    1. Go to My Account then the My Recorders tab of the IceTV website, and log in if asked.
    2. Click on the Settings button next to the device that needs its recordings rescheduled.
    3. Click on the 'Resend all recordings for this device' button.
    4. Within 15 minutes you should see all of your recording timers listed correctly in the Beyonwiz's Timer list.

Note: IceTV does not provide a guide for Radio Channels or TV Datacasting and Shopping Channels. The channel logos come from the Beyonwiz software.


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