How to setup Custom Repeat flags

The Beyonwiz PVRs do not make use of the repeat status listed in the guide data. To enable Beyonwiz owners to see which episodes are repeats we have a custom repeat flag setting on the website. 

  1. Log in to the IceTV website
  2. Click on My Account > My Recorders.
  3. Click on the Settings button next your recorder that you want to set a custom repeat flag for.
  4. Tick the Add a repeat flag to a different field on my PVR tickbox.
  5. In the Add field edit [Rpt] if you some other text displayed or leave it as is if you are happy with [Rpt].
  6. Select whether you want the text added to the Beginning or End of the Title, Subtitle or Description.
  7. Make sure the Example looks how you want it to look.
  8. Click on Save Changes button.

After checking how it looks in the guide on the Beyonwiz you may want to come back later and change the settings you chose in step 7.

Next you will want to force the Beyonwiz T4, T3 or T2 to reload the guide and display your custom repeats flags right away (instead of waiting 7 days).

  1. Exit all menus on the Beyonwiz.
  2. Press the Plugin button on the remote control.
  3. Scroll down to IceTV and press OK.
  4. Click on Disable IceTV and wait for it finish.
  5. Then click on Enable IceTV and wait for it finish.
  6. Next click on Fetch EPG and timers now and wait for it finish.
  7. Now check the IceTV Log to make sure there are no errors listed for the last minute.

Finally, exit the menu and open the guide to check if it you can see your custom [Rpt] displayed for episodes that are repeats.




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