Daylight Saving: What do I need to do when Daylight Saving starts or ends

For Beyonwiz T, U and V series PVRs

Note: If you have an older model Beyonwiz (DP or series or FV-L1 model) then you need to follow the daylight saving steps here.

The new T, U and V series Beyonwiz PVRs will handle daylight saving automatically, so there is nothing you need to do on the PVR when daylight saving starts or ends. 

Something that you can do to improve the reliability of the clock on the Beyonwiz all year round is setting the time source on the PVR to NTP and not to Transponder Time (broadcast time). 

To set the PVR to use NTP as it's time source: 

  1. Go to 'Menu > Setup > System > Time Settings'
  2. Set "Sync time using" to NTP
  3. Set "NTP server" to
  4. Set "Sync NTP every (minutes)" to 30 minutes
  5. Press the Green button to save.
  6. Exit the menu.

Now the Beyonwiz will be able to update it's clock from a reliable NTP time server on the Internet  at regular intervals and will still automatically adjust the time when daylight saving starts and ends. 


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