How do I clear the guide and force an update on the Beyonwiz T, U and V series PVRs

Note: These steps are NOT for the old DP series Beyonwiz PVRs.


Clearing the guide (EPG) can be helpful or required if the guide has data missing for channels that should *normally have data from IceTV, or you have just changed the channel mapping information on the IceTV website, or you have reset the PVR and you need to resend it's recording schedules (timers).

*Note: IceTV does not provide guide data for the shopping channels (the infotainment or datacasting channels) or radio channels.

Usually the T, U and V series Beyonwiz PVRs will update the channel mapping and guide data itself the next time it does a guide download. If the guide is mixed up or incorrect you may need to run through the following steps to force a full guide update.

How to clear the EPG and resend all recording Timers from IceTV

  1. Go to 'Menu > Power > Restart GUI'.
  2. After it has finished restarting wait 2 minutes.
  3. Press the Plugin button the Beyonwiz remote control.
  4. Scroll down to IceTV and press OK.
  5. Scroll down to 'Setup Wizard' and press OK. 
  6. Re-enter and save your IceTV password.
  7. Press the Green button at each step until you complete the IceTV setup wizard.
  8. Press Exit twice to return to a live TV picture.
  9. Wait a few minutes, then press the EPG button and check that the program guide (EPG) is displaying data for the TV shows and the IceTV logo is visible up the top.
  10. On your computer or tablet, go to 'My Account' > 'My Recorders' on the IceTV  website, and log in if asked.
  11. Click on the Settings button on the same row as your Beyonwiz device.
  12. Click on the 'Resend all recordings for this device' link.
  13. Leave your Beyonwiz turned on so that your recording timers can be fetched from IceTV on the next update (usually within 10 to 15 minutes), or you can select 'Fetch EPG and timers now' from the IceTV plugin on the Beyonwiz to force an immediate timer download. 
  14. You can check that your timers are scheduled on the Beyonwiz by pressing the Timer button.

Please Contact IceTV Support if you are still having a problem


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