IceTV server condition error keeps appearing on my Humax

What does the Cannot confirm the account because the current network condition from the IceTV server. Please try later. message mean and how do I solve it?

You will get the above error message on a Humax HDR-7500T or HDR-7510T as a result of one of the following causes:

  • The Humax PVR thinks it has a network connection but it actually doesn't.
  • The Humax PVR's network connection is too slow or not stable.
  • The Internet connection that the Humax PVR is using is too slow or not stable.
  • Or the IceTV server really is offline (which is extremely rare and would not last long).

Usually when a Humax HDR-7500T or HDR-7510T shows the 'current network condition from the IceTV server' message it is because the Humax PVR is unable to access to the Internet reliably so it is not getting a reply, or the full reply, from IceTV. Sometimes an Internet issue that affects the Humax PVR can go unnoticed because any computers and other devices you have are not affected as much so they are still connecting to the Internet.

Causes of the Humax PVR not being able to connect to IceTV can be:

IceTV server down or experiencing issues

It is very rare for the IceTV server to be offline or not contactable. If this does happen it would not last more than a few hours, and there would topics about the downtime and expected duration on the IceTV forum. If it was planned maintenance we would have sent an email to all customers advising them of the downtime. 

Internet too slow

Possible causes of the Humax struggling to download from the Internet are wireless network dropouts or speed issues, or Internet connection speed or quality issues. Having your Internet speed throttled back due to going over a monthly data quota is a common cause of network issues for a Humax - in this case the issue resolves itself once the next quota period starts.

Wireless network too slow

If using wireless (and not over your Internet Plan's monthly data limit) then please see our Humax wireless troubleshooting tips:

Often just moving the USB wireless dongle to the front USB port can solve the problem, if you are using wireless.

Wireless USB dongle faulty

USB wireless dongles can develop faults often resulting in the Humax connecting to the WiFi network but being unable to reliably transmit or receive data. Often failing USB wireless dongles will fell very warm if you touch them while the Humax is operating. If you believe the dongle is faulty you'll need to contact Humax.  See:

Wired Network issue

Ethernet switches and hubs and even modem and routers can age and deteriorate, or even corrode if exposed to salt in the air near a beach or salt water river. Ethernet cables can also become defective at bends or at their connectors. Parrots and mammals (possums, rats, mice) are known to chew on cables causing connection problems.

Router needs rebooting

Rebooting your router (and modem) can solve the problem. Just switch it's/their power off for 5 seconds. Wait for the router (and modem) to fully come back which can take 5 minutes with the NBN and check first using a PC and, for example, Google News or, only once you are sure it has an internet connection should you reboot the Humax.

Invalid IP Address

If the Humax cannot get a network address from your router/modem it will make up it's own address, which never works. The problem then is that it then thinks it is connected to the network when it really isn't. So you don't get a network error message and instead the Humax assumes there must be something wrong with the IceTV server. These made up networks addresses always start with 169.254. and are known as Link Local IP Addresses.

An IP Address starting with 169.254. is as good as no IP address at all

You can check the current address that the Humax is using as follows:

  1. Go to 'Menu > Settings > System > Internet Setting'.
  2. Click on "Configure LAN" (it might say "Configure LAN (WiFi)" if using WiFi).
  3. Configure IP should be set to DHCP.
    • If it is not set to DHCP, change it DHCP and scroll down to Apply and click OK, then go back in to "Configure LAN" or "Configure LAN (WiFi)".
  4. Note what number the "IP Address" shows.
    • If IP Address starts with 169.254. then it has NOT been able to get an address from your router/modem so it has made up it's own address which won't work.
  5. If the IP address is okay (e.,g. it does not start with 168.254. ) you should apply the settings.
    • If using an Ethernet cable, scroll down to Apply and click OK.
    • If using WiFi press menu once, scroll up to "Configure WiFi" and press OK, then scroll down to Apply and click OK.
  6. Then check the address again to see if it still starts with 169.254. or now has a correct IP address (starting with either 10. or 192.168. ).


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