How do I change the Region or Timezone on my Humax

If you need to change the region or timezone on your Humax - if the clock is incorrect or you have moved - you will need to clear out all settings including the current guide data and schedules then resend the schedules. 

  1. Make sure that the Region in your IceTV account is correct.
  2. Reset the Humax to it's factory default settings. But do NOT tick the Format HDD checkbox (unless you want to delete all recordings).
  3. Set up the Humax from scratch making sure to select your state as the region (for the Humax's clock).
  4. Then click on the link to resend the recordings for your Humax from the website, under My Account > My Recorders.
  5. Don't forget to set start-padding and end-padding on your Humax.


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