How do I set the Humax and remote to a different code, or 2 Humax PVRs in 1 room

If you have 2 Humax PVRs in the same room you will want to change the remote code that the 2nd Humax PVR uses so that you can control each Humax device independently. As there are 6 remote codes to choose from you could have up to 6 Humax devices in the same room. The default code for all Humax remote controls is 1.

To change one of your Humax devices and it's remote control to use a different code do the following:

  1. Turn off all other Humax devices in the room except the one you want to change the code on.
  2. Point the Humax's remote control at the Humax and press and hold both the OK and 0 buttons together for 5 seconds.
  3. Release the buttons when you see a message appear on the TV screen asking you to choose a code between 1 to 6. This message will also show you the currently set code number.
  4. Press a number button from 2 to 6 to choose the code that you want to set the Humax to. 
  5. You should see another message saying the code has been changed to the number that you selected in the previous step.

You now have your 2nd Humax and it's remote control operating on a different remote code that won't interfere with your 1st Humax.

If you have 3 or more Humax devices in the same room just repeat the process on your other Humax devices and choose a different code number each time in step 4.

If you want to set the Humax and its remote back to its original code just repeat the process but select 1 in step 4.


Universal Remote Controls 

After changing the remote code you can also use that Humax remote to teach the different button codes to a universal learning remote control (like a Logitech Harmony) and have multiple Humax devices controllable by your one universal remote.


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