Can I update the Humax software (firmware) via USB

You can upgrade the Humax software via a USB stick as outlined below



Download a copy of the latest Humax software version for the HD7500 from the download page on the Humax website by selecting your model and then click on the 'Compass' image under Software Release. Follow the instructions on the Humax page to determine which software version your Humax requires (HDR_7500t_upgrade.hdf  or  HDR_7500TV_upgrade.hdf).


The USB stick should be formatted in FAT or FAT32 

After downloading the file you need to copy it onto your USB stick. 

  • The firmware file must be on the root level of the USB stick. Do not put it into a folder. 
  • Use the smallest USB stick you have, preferably with no or few other files on it.



Note: The actual update process will:

  • Pause at somewhere between 85 to 89% (P085 to P089 on the front display) for 1 or 2 minutes (don't panic).
  • Pause again at around 95% and 99% (P095 and P099 on the front display) for 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Switch itself off when finished.

Perform the update as follows:

  1. Turn the TV on (optional).
  2. Plug the USB stick into the front or rear USB port on the Humax.
  3. Turn off the Humax to standby.
  4. Turn off the Humax at the rear switch.
  5. Wait until the front light goes out.
  6. Wait at least another 30 seconds.
  7. Repeatedly tap the Humax's big front button while turning on the rear switch.
  8. Continue tapping the front button.
  9. You will see START SYSTEM appear on the front display, continue tapping the front button.
  10. The light on the USB stick should be flashing as the Humax searches for the firmware file.
  11. Stop tapping the front button after you see P001, P002, P003 etc on the front display.
  12. It will count all the way from P001 to P100.
  13. If you have the TV turned on you can see the update progress on the TV screen.
  14. The Humax will turn itself off when the upgrade is finished.

You can now remove the USB stick and turn the Humax on.

  • If it turns off right after displaying START SYSTEM then it did not work, so try again.
  • Tapping the front button at about 2 or 3 taps per second works best.
  • If it does not work the first time, try again as it can take a few attempts.
  • Try a different USB port.
  • Try removing the wireless USB dongle.
  • Try a smaller or empty USB stick.
  • Check the format type on the USB stick (reformat it in FAT or FAT32 if needed).
  • Make sure that the file on the USB stick is the correct size (17 to 20MB and not just a few KB).
  • If your browser has added anything to the filename you must rename it. e.g. Remove any ' (2)'  or double file extensions like .hdf.txt
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