Do I have to leave my Humax fully on to record

The Humax will turn itself on to record any existing schedules, and turn itself off when finished. While it is on it will update itself from IceTV. As long as there is something scheduled for most nights, or someone turns the Humax on regularly, it keep itself updated from IceTV.

If you don't use the Humax regularly then there are two options to ensure that it keeps itself updated from IceTV.

Option 1

If the 'Power Saving in Standby' setting is set to OFF then the Humax will update itself from IceTV and record while it is turned off to standby, all without needing to turn on. This will also make it turn on faster when you do turn it on.

Note: If the 'Power Saving in Standby' setting is set to the default ON setting then the Humax will only update itself from IceTV when it is fully on, and will turn itself on to record.

To set Power Saving in Standby to Off

  1. Go to 'Menu > Settings > System > Power Management'
  2. Then set 'Power Saving in Standby' to OFF
  3. Optionally you can set 'Automatic Power Down' to ON

Option 2

The Humax has a menu setting to turn itself on at a pre-set time each day. It also has another option to turn it off at a pre-set time each day (you may not need to set the off timer - see note below). The Humax only needs to be on for 40 minutes to ensure that it has updated from IceTV.

To set a daily wakeup timer

  1. Go to 'Menu > Settings > Preferences > Time'
  2. Set 'Power On Timer' to the time you want (for example 4:00pm)
  3. Set Channel to any channel
  4. Leave the Volume as is (or set it to 0 if you don't want to annoy other people or pets)
  5. Set Repeat to Daily
  6. Leave 'Power Off Timer' set to off if you don't want it turn itself off at a pre-set time (or set to 5:00pm)

Note: There is also a menu setting that will automatically turn the Humax off after a few hours of no button presses so if this setting is enabled you don't need a power off timer.

The auto power off option is in the 'Power Management' menu

  1. Go to 'Menu > Settings > System > Power Management'
  2. Set 'Automatic Power Down' to ON


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