Recommended Firmware Update Steps

To ensure a trouble-free firmware upgrade with no interruption to your recording schedule we recommend the following steps. 

Note: Your recordings will be safe as the following steps will not touch your existing recordings.


1. Ensure that you have all the Information you will need later

Before resetting the Humax you should write down your IceTV account details, and Wireless security details (if using wireless).

You will need the following IceTV account details
  • IceTV Username  (from 'Menu > Settings > Preferences > EPG Type > Existing' on the Humax)
  • IceTV Password
  • Your selected Region  (from 'My Account' on the website)
  • Device Label  (from 'My Account > TV Recorders' on the website)
If using wireless you will need the following wireless settings (from 'Menu > Settings > System > Internet Setting > Configure Wi-Fi' on the Humax) 
  • Network Name
  • Security Type
  • Password  (from your router or modem)
The wireless Password is your wireless network's password, also known as a passphrase or security key.

2. Upgrade the Firmware


3. Reset to Factory Defaults


4. Setup your Humax and IceTV


5. Enable Padding

  1. Press the menu button on the Humax remote control.
  2. Select Settings and press OK. 
  3. Select Preferences and press OK. 
  4. Select Recording and press OK. 
  5. Set your desired Start Padding Time and End Padding Time.
We recommend 3 minutes start padding and 20 minutes end padding.

6. Resend All Recordings

  1. On the IceTV website go to My Account and then the TV Recorders tab, and log in if asked. 
  2. Select the 'Resend all recordings' link next to your Humax device.
  3. Leave your Humax turned on until the schedules have arrived.
You should see your schedules in the Humax Schedule list within 30 minutes. If not, then please check the Network and IceTV settings are correct on the Humax.
You are now finished and continue enjoying your Humax and IceTV.
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