How do I Reschedule Missing Recordings

The following steps are only for if your IceTV recording schedules on your "recorder" are not in sync with My Week on the "website".

If all of your shows are actually scheduled correctly on your recorder you don't need to do anything. Any false errors on the website and phone app will clear themselves out within a few days to a week at the most.

But if you do have some schedules missing, on your recorder, the best solution depends on how many are missing. 

  • If you only need to Reschedule a Few Missing Schedules then the easiest solution is to manually set a single recording for each missing schedule from the guide on the recorder. All future recordings will be set automatically by IceTV as normal.
  • If there are lots of schedules missing you may be better off clearing all schedules off the recorder and Resending All Recordings from My Account on the website. Note: Certain model recorders require specific steps to clear the existing schedules without making the problem much worse.


Reschedule a Few Missing Schedules

The steps to do this are as simple as opening the program guide (EPG) on the recorder (on your TV screen) then for each missing schedule find the episode in the guide and press the record button on your recorder's remote control. 

Note: Humax owners will then need to select "Record Whole Program" and press OK.


Reschedule All Schedules for your Recorder

The steps for rescheduling all of this week's recordings vary from simple to complicated depending on the recorder. 

In all cases, check the schedules that are actually on your recorder. If there are any extra or unwanted schedules on your recorder you can just delete those off the recorder itself.



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