How do I change which channels my recorder downloads a guide and schedules for

To ensure that your recorder is receiving the correct guide data for each channel you should update your account details on the IceTV website to set the correct channels and channel numbers that your recorder receives from your antenna.

The following steps require that you have already setup your recorder including scanning or searching for your local TV channels.

To set your correct channels in your IceTV account:

  1. On your recorder, open the guide screen or channel list.
  2. Write down the channel names and numbers that are listed on the screen for all channels (scroll down to see all the channels).
  3. For any channels that are simulcast on 2 or more channel numbers, like ABC1 on channels 2 and 21 or Seven on 7 and 71, you should pick one of the channel numbers and cross off the others. Example: If you prefer to watch ABC1 on channel 2 then keep ch2 on the list and cross off ch21.
  4. Go to the IceTV website and login (if you have not logged in already).
  5. Click on My Account then Guide Settings from the menu at the top of the screen.
  6. For each of the channels going down the screen (under the column "Send to PVR as LCN") select the channel number that you wrote down from your recorder earlier (instead of leaving it set to "All"). 
  7. For channels that are in the list that you do not actually receive on your PVR you should change these to "Disabled"; and ensure that the checkbox is unticked so that the channel does not show up on the IceTV website for you.
  8. Once you have set them all to your specific channel numbers, click on Save Settings at the bottom of the screen.

* Notes on setting the correct channels: 

In step 6 above, each channel number must only be set to a single channel. You must not set the same channel number to more than one channel.

Also you should not have more than one of each channel type enabled (Eleven, GEM, 7TWO, 7mate, Ten/SC-10, Seven/Prime etc). Examples: If you see both 'Eleven' and 'SC Eleven' listed you need to disable one of them and keep the correct one enabled. If you see 'Seven', 'Prime Northern' and 'Prime Southern' then you need to disable two of them.

When finished setting the channels that your recorder will receive guide data and recording schedules for you may need to force an update of the channel list currently stored in your recorder. Some recorders have a menu option to clear out the guide cache or if this is not an option you may need to perform a reset to factory defaults and then re-setup your recorder.


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