How can my Recorder display if a show is a Repeat

IceTV's guide data includes whether a program is a repeat or not. Unfortunately not all recorders display the repeat flag, and some that do only do so in the guide (i.e. Pressing Info from the recorded programs list or when viewing a TV channel may not show if it is repeat). To allow every recorder to display if a show is a repeat IceTV includes an option in your account that you can use to configure if and how you want your recorder to display when a program is a repeat. This option is configurable separately for each of your recorders if you have more than 1.

After you enable the setting in your account the repeat text will appear in the guide and in the program's information. For most recorders the program's information appears when you press the info button while viewing a TV channel or a recording, or while in the recorded programs list. For example: If you press the ( i ) or Info button while viewing a show, or in the guide, or in the recorded programs list, you could see (Rpt) at the end of the sub-title of any show, or recording of a show, that is a repeat. 

To Configure the Repeat option:
You can configure the repeat setting by clicking on My Account then My Recorders on the menu while logged into the IceTV website, and then clicking on the Settings button on the same row as your device.

After ticking 'Add repeat flag to a different field on my PVR' you have a few options you can change to suit how you want to indicate that an episode is a repeat.
  1. To enable showing the repeat flag tick 'Add repeat flag to a different field on my PVR'.
  2. Set whether to show the repeat flag in the Title, Sub-title or Description.
  3. Set whether to show the repeat flag at the Beginning or End of the field selected in step 2.
  4. Set what text you want to see. For example: [R] or [Rpt] or [Repeat] or (R) or (Rpt) or (Repeat)
  5. Finally click on the Save button to save your changes.
Note: Any changes to your settings may take some time to be seen on your recorder. Some recorders only update the guide once a day.
What is a Repeat:
IceTV defines a repeat as a show that has been on Australian Free To Air TV before irrespective of the channel.
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