A new channel is available but I am not seeing a guide for it

If you are seeing a new channel on your recorder but you are not seeing a program guide for it please check that this new channel is enabled in your IceTV account under My Account > Guide Settings.

After enabling the new channel in your account it may take some time for the program information to appear in the guide. If you are on a Beyonwiz PVR you can also re-run the IceTV setup wizard in the IceTV plugin menu to force the Beyonwiz to download the new guide data and channel information immediately. Humax PVR's can do the same thing by powering off the Humax for a minimum of 30 seconds and then powering it back on.

Also check on your recorder that this new channel has the correct channel number. It should not have a channel number higher than 99, like 351 or 1001. If the new channel has an incorrect channel number please contact Support to find out how move that channel onto the correct channel number for your recorder.

Sometimes you will need to force a guide update on your recorder to ensure it has the updated details, this is especially true if a channel changes and the guide data is not showing up for it, but it is shown on the IceTV website. The instructions for our most common recorders is available at:

Note: IceTV does not provide a program guide for datacasting or infotainment channels as they do not broadcast regular TV programs. Datacasting often provides news, weather, traffic, stock market, and other information. It may also be interactive, such as gaming, shopping, or education. The current infotainment channels in Australia only show infomercals or horse racing and include 4ME or TV4ME, EXTRA or GOLD, ISHOP and TVSN.


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