How do I clear the cached guide information on the Strong

If the guide information is corrupt on your Strong, or you have changed your region or changed the selected channels on the IceTV website under the My Account then Guide Settings section, you will need to clear out the cached guide and channel data so fresh data can be downloaded.

This article assumes that your recorder already has the correct channels scanned in and the date and time are correct for your state.

To clear the guide cache and download fresh guide data:

  1. Press "Menu" on the remote control.
  2. Select "System Settings".
  3. Select "ICETV Settings".
  4. Change "ICETV Usage" to "OFF".
  5. Press the "Exit" button twice.
  6. Select "Storage" or "Media Manager"
  7. Select "File Manager".
  8. While "/HDD0" is selected press the right arrow on the remote control.
  9. While "[ice]" is selected then press the "Menu" button on the remote control.
  10. From the menu that comes up select "Delete".
  11. Confirm the delete by selecting "YES".
  12. Press the "Exit" button twice.
  13. Select "System Settings".
  14. Select "ICETV Settings".
  15. Change "ICETV Usage" back to "ON".
  16. The Account and Password should still be entered from before, if not then re-enter them.
  17. Select "Check Status" to confirm these details.
  18. Select "Yes" to confirm the save of settings.

The guide should now download and all guide data from now onwards will be correct. One thing to note however is that the current show that is on TV will not be listed in the guide, only shows going forward will be listed.


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