My Topfield TF6000 No Longer Downloads the IceTV Guide

The TF6000 IceTV Net Loader TAP is set to use IceTV's old IP Address and unfortunately IceTV's servers now use a new IP address. This means that the IceTV Net Loader TAP does not work any more.

There are a couple of solutions:

Option 1

If your router has the required settings you could redirect any requests for IceTV's old address to our new address.

  • The old IP address that the TF6000 Net Loader TAP uses is:
  • The new address is that it needs to use is:

So your router would need to redirect traffic intended for to

Option 2

You could manually download and transfer the guide to the Topfield each week from a Windows PC. To do this please see steps 2, 3 and 4 in our knowledgebase article here. This will include replacing the TF6000 Net Loader TAP with the TF5000 IceGuide TAP.

Note: If your Windows PC is 64bit you will need the unsupported driver from here

Option 3

If you prefer to just use the free to air guide data you just need to delete the IceTV TAP from the Auto Start folder and then reboot the Topfield. 

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