How do I change the guide region that I am receiving on a TF5000PVRt or TF6000PVRt?

If you move areas and need to change the guide region that you receive then you will need to run through a couple of steps to do this.

Note: If your recorder is not a Topfield TF5000PVRt or TF6000PVRt PVR please see How do I change the guide region that I am receiving

This article assumes that your recorder already has the correct channels scanned in and the date and time are correct for your state.

First you will need to log in to the IceTV website and go to "My Account > Guide Settings" where you will see the Region option. Set the correct region and channels for where you live and then click on the "Save Settings" button on the page. 

Perform a normal guide update for the Topfield, then go through the following steps to update the channel mapping information:

  1. While the Topfield is on and a live TV picture is up on the screen press the "Exit" button on the remote control, this will bring up the "ICE_EPG_Loader" menu screen.
  2. On this screen scroll down and select "Manual Channel Mapping".
  3. The screen that comes up will show what guide information will be shown for each of the channels in the Topfield, the left hand column will have the scanned channel names, the right hand column will list the guide information that will be shown for it.
  4. Any channel that has "No Mapping Set" in the right hand column will have no data displayed in the guide.
  5. You can change which guide information is showed by scrolling down to the channel and then using the left (V-) and right (V+) buttons on the remote you can scroll through the available guide channels, select the guide channel that corresponds to the scanned channel listed on the left.
  6. Once all the channels that you want to see guide data on have a guide channel listed next to it, press the “Exit” button on the remote control to save that list.
  7. You will then need to turn the Topfield to standby and then back on again to load the new settings.


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