I have a Macintosh - is there a way I can use this to update IceTV's EPG on my Topfield?

There is currently no officially supported native Macintosh software to update the Topfield using the IceTV Guide. However, if you have a wireless network, your Topfield can connect directly to our server using the IceTV Guide-ready network bridge the IceBox2 (please note that the IceBox2 is no longer available).

Nathan Oate's has also released a third party application that can be used to download the IceTV Guide data and transfer it to the Topfield using his application called IceGuide4Topfield. This can be found at his site at www.noates.com

If your Topfield's firmware is not current (see the document How to Setup your Topfield PVR for the IceTV Guide for details) it will need to be updated and at present we know of no officially supported way of doing this using a Macintosh. There is a third party application, that was created to allow this functionality, called ToFi that can be found at The world of noates.

Please note that this is third party software and not officially supported by IceTV or Topfield and no resposibility is taken for any problems caused by the use of this software. Use at your own risk.

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