EPG problems and other issues - How do I reset EyeTV?

If you haven't been able to resolve your EyeTV issues by changing settings then a good approach might be to reset EyeTV completely. This will let you set everything up from scratch again, giving you the equivalent of a fresh install. Any recordings you've made will be kept.

1. Make sure that you have your Elgato EyeTV Activation Key handy. You will need the activation key to setup EyeTV again.

2. Make sure that you have your IceTV Member ID (username) and Password handy. You will need it to enable IceTV.

3. Read hw to use Geniatech's EyeTV Reporter from here:

4. Start EyeTV Reporter and click on Easy.

5. Click on Delete Preferences.

6. Quit EyeTV Reporter.

7. Run the EyeTV Setup Assistant and setup IceTV.


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