How do I manually map the channels in EyeTV?

If you are only seeing a couple of channels in the guide you may need to manually map the scanned in channels to the IceTV channels.

First you will need to open the "EyeTV Programs" window within EyeTV, if you don't see it you can open it from the Window menu and selecting EyeTV Programs. On this screen there will be a list of categories down the left hand side, go to the Channels category.

There are two ways to map the channels, the first way is to select all the channels by highlighting one and then going to the Edit menu and selecting "Select All". All of the channels will then be highlighted. While highlighted under the EPG column change one of the channels over to "None", this will change all channels to "None". Then with all the channels still highlighted change the EPG column for one of the channels back to "IceTV", this should prompt EyeTV to automatically assign the IceTV guide listings to the available channels based on their channel number (NOTE: Not all channels will change to IceTV with this, copies of channels like Prime View 1 and 7 Digital 1 will not change as they do not have a unique guide listing). The guide should then be available on the Program Guide screen.

If this doesn't work and all the channels still have "None" selected under the EPG column, then you will need to do each channel manually. Select just one channel so that all of them are no longer highlighted, then for that channel only change the EPG column to be "IceTV", when you select "IceTV" it will come up with a window and ask you to select a guide channel to assign. In this window that comes up it will list the available IceTV Guide channels, from this list select the correct guide channel and then click on "Assign" at the bottom. You will then need to run through this process for the rest of the channels in the list that has a guide available for it. Once done you should be then able to go to the Program Guide screen and all the channels should then be available.


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