Some of my channels have disappeared, why is this?

There is currently a bug in Windows Vista Media Center that can drop certain channels from the system. Microsoft have acknowledged the issue. Primarily this appears to affect both SBS and 7. Although it is assumed to be a problem with our IceTV service this is not the case, the problem lies with Vista by Microsoft.

Microsoft now have a patch available that fixes this issue. It is currently available as part of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Windows Vista. More details on the patch itself can be found on the Microsoft site at:

Microsoft KnowledgeBase Article KB938927

Once you have installed SP1 you will also need to add information into the registry to activate the patch. We have made this step easier with the use of the following file. If you click on the link below and then choose to "Run" the file it will ask you to confirm that you wish to add the information into the registry, select "Yes" and it will add the correct information.

Registry information for KB938927

You should also restart the computer and re-setup the guide via the "Setup Guide Listings" wizard once you have completed the above steps. These can be found at Setting up the IceTV Guide for Microsoft® Windows® Vista Media Center Edition

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