How to Reset the Beyonwiz to Default Settings

This knowledgebase article is for the old DP and FV series Beyonwiz PVRs. For T4, T2 and T3 Beyonwiz models see here.

Normally you don't need to do a full factory reset to solve an IceTV problem but it can be required for other issues. The factory reset will require you to setup the Beyonwiz from scratch. You will need to search for the channels, set the clock, setup the network and then setup IceTV.

If you have not been asked to do a factory reset by technical support you might want to try these simple steps of clearing the guide and timers first.

Note: If have previously had trouble with a full channel search finding duplicate channels please do not reset your Beyonwiz without discussing the issue with support first.

If you do want to do the factory reset or were asked by technical support to do a factory reset, do the following:

Before you start please make sure that you know what your IceTV username and password are.

Reset the Beyonwiz:

  1. On the Beyonwiz go to the "Setup" via the remote control.
  2. Go to the fourth tab labelled "System" which has a icon of gears.
  3. Go down to "Initialize" on the left side and press OK.
  4. Select "Factory Reset" and press OK.
  5. Select "Yes" and press OK to confirm.
  6. If it asks do you want to restore settings answer No.

Service Search:

  1. Once the reset is done, press Exit twice and it will open the Service Search menu.
  2. Select 'Start Scan' and press OK.
  3. Select "Yes" and press OK to confirm.

Set the Time and Date:

  1. Once the search has finished, press Exit to get back to the left-hand menu.
  2. Go up to Time on the left side and press OK.
  3. Change the Mode to Network.
  4. Change the "Time Offset" to your state's current UTC time offset.

Note: The time will adjust itself after you enable the network in the next step.

Enable the Network:

  1. Press Exit to get back to the left-hand menu.
  2. Press Setup to scroll right to the Network menu.
  3. Press OK on Network.
  4. Press OK again.
  5. Select LAN and press OK.
  6. Press the Red button.
  7. Close the popup window.

Enable Ice Guide:

Resend all Recordings:

  1. Turn your Beyonwiz off.
  2. On the IceTV website go to My Account and then the My Recorders tab, and log in if asked. 
  3. Click on the Settings button next to your Beyonwiz device.
  4. Select the 'Resend all recordings for this device" button.
  5. Now turn your Beyonwiz on and leave it on until the timers have arrived.

Enable soft padding:

  1. Go into the "Setup" menu on the Beyonwiz.
  2. Scroll across to the "Misc." tab,
  3. Scroll down to "PVR" on the side menu and press OK. 
  4. In this menu you can 'enable' soft-padding and also set how early you want all recordings to start (Pre-Padding) and how much later you want them to finish (End-Padding).
  5. Leave Padding Priority set to "none".

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