What do I need to do when Daylight Saving starts or ends?

For Beyonwiz DP and FV-L1 model PVRs

Note: If you have a later model Beyonwiz (T4, T3 or T2 model) then you need to follow the T series daylight saving steps here.

We recommend the following procedure on the Sunday that Daylight Saving starts or ends:

  1. On the Beyonwiz go to the "Setup" via the remote control.
  2. Scroll left or right to the Config menu press OK on Time.
  3. Change the "Time Offset" or "Daylight Saving" option as follows: 
    * For AUTO Time Mode change the "Daylight Saving" option (Enable it in October and Disable it in April). 
    * For MANUAL and NETWORK Time Modes change the "Time Offset" by 1 hour (add 1:00 in October and subtract 1:00 in April).
  4. Clear and resend all timers by following the steps at How do I resend all recordings?

After your timers have been downloaded (this can take up to an hour) check that they are now showing the correct start time. To see the timer list press Popup while in the guide or viewing live TV. 


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