Updating channels or adding a new channel - for DP series Beyonwiz

Note: Do NOT enable 'Dynamic Channel Management' or do an Auto Service Search if you receive TV signals from two or more transmitters and you have previously needed help from IceTV support to sort out your channels. Instead do a manual search, or Contact IceTV Support for help. 

First make sure that the new or updated channels are actually available in your location. 

There are two ways you can add a new channel or update existing channels on your Beyonwiz.


Automatically Update the Channels

If the TV network is broadcasting a signal to tell TVs, STBs, and TV Recorders to update their channels your Beyonwiz should be able to automatically pickup the new channels or updated channels while you are watching another channel from the same television network. For this to occur two things are required:

  1. The TV network needs to be broadcasting the new channel information within their TV signal (which they  do for a short while before and after new channels come online).
  2. Also 'Dynamic Channel Management' needs to be enabled. By default this setting is enabled on the Beyonwiz. 

To check that 'Dynamic Channel Management' is enabled: 

  1. Press Setup on the remote control.
  2. Scroll across to the Misc. menu.
  3. Scroll down to PVR and press OK.
  4. Scroll down to the 2nd menu page (below the Soft padding Priority setting).
  5. Click OK on 'Dynamic Channel Management'.
  6. Select *Enable and press OK.
  7. Exit the menu.

If the new or updated channels are from one particular network, say Nine, you should now switch to any network nine channel and within 15 minutes you should see a popup message saying 'Notice: Service Updated'. Click OK to Dismiss the message. The channels have now been updated and you can disable 'Dynamic Channel Management'. You can leave it enabled if you prefer but if you start seeing the 'Service Updated' message every 10 minutes you will want to disable 'Dynamic Channel Management' and deleted channels may reappear.

Note: If the TV networks have stopped broadcasting the update signal and the channels don't update automatically you will need to update the channels manually as below. Also you should disable 'Dynamic Channel Management' to prevent unexpected issues.


Manually Update the Channels

To manually add a new channel, or update existing channels, perform the following steps:

  1. Re-scan the channels to pick-up the new channel(s), from the 'Setup > Config > Service Scan' menu . 
    • Go to 'Setup > Config > Service Scan'.
    • Answer Yes to the warning.
    • Set Scanning Range to Full.
    • Click on Start Scanning.
    • Wait for the scan to finish.
  2. Next you will need to refresh the guide and resend all recordings for your Beyonwiz. as follows:
  3. Go into the "Setup" menu on the Beyonwiz.
  4. Scroll across to the fourth tab at the top of the screen, labelled "System".
  5. Go down to "Initialize" and press OK.
  6. If "Clear Ice Guide Disk Cache" exists select it and press OK, and answer Yes.
  7. If "Clear EPG Disk Cache" exists select it and press OK, and answer Yes.
  8. The guide will then download from scratch with the new channels' information included.
  9. Exit the menu.
  10. Wait until the program guide information is showing in the guide on the Beyonwiz (this could take 20 minutes to arrive).
  11. Now go to "My Account > My Recorders" on the website and click on the Settings button shown next to your Beyonwiz device.
  12. Finally, click on the "Resend recordings for this device" button.
  13. Within 15 minutes your recording timers should re-appear on the Beyonwiz. If not, try turning the Beyonwiz off and back on.


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