How do I setup timer padding on the Beyonwiz? or Why do I miss the end of my shows?

You can setup timer padding on the Beyonwiz which will automatically extend all timers based on the time you set, this is to stop missing the end of shows due to TV stations not sticking to their advertised start and stop times.

To enable this feature follow these steps:

  1. Go into the "Setup" on the Beyonwiz.
  2. Scroll across to the third tab entitled “Misc.”.
  3. Select “Preference” down the side.
  4. Set 'Soft Padding' to 'Enable.
  5. Set how early you want recordings to start with the Pre-padding option (example: 3 or 5 minutes).
  6. Set how much longer you want recordings to go for with the Post-padding option (example: 15 or 20 minutes).
  7. The remaining option allows specifying whether you prefer to have the padding take priority over any following recordings when there are conflicts. The recommended setting for the "Soft Padding Priority" option is "None". Setting the 'Soft Padding Priority' option to Pre-padding or Post-padding can result in missing all or part of any conflicting recordings. With the "Soft Padding Priority" option set to "None", if there are preceding or following recordings where the padding would cause a recording conflict, the Beyonwiz will add as much of your pre-set padding as it can without causing a conflict. 

That's it. Now all recordings will be extended, as long as there are no conflicting recordings.

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