General Beyonwiz DP series Troubleshooting

If you have a problem getting the guide or scheduled timers to load onto the Beyonwiz, the first things to check are the settings by following these steps:

  1. Go to the "Setup" via the remote control.
  2. Go to the "Network" tab (second along the top).
  3. Go down to "Ice Guide" settings along the side.
  4. Ensure that "Owner ID" is entered correctly (this is the IceTV Member ID).
  5. Ensure that “Password” is correct (re-enter it if having a problem).
  6. Select “Check User Info”, if you receive an error that the network connection has failed you should contact Beyonwiz support to check the network settings.
    • Note: If Check User Info fails Ice Guide will be disabled so you need to re-enable Ice Guide.
  7. Ensure that the correct device name is showing underneath the “Select Device” option.
  8. Ensure that the first option, “Ice Guide”, is set to “Enabled”.
  9. Ensure the message area near the bottom shows successful EPG and Schedule downloads.
    • Note: If the message area shows "Idle:" then Ice Guide is either Disabled or the Beyonwiz does not have access to the Internet.
  10. Make sure the Beyonwiz has a network connection. Go up to the Settings on the left, press OK then press the Yellow button to check the LAN status.
    • DHCP Enable, and numbers showing for IP Address, Netmask, Gateway and DNS indicate it is connected to your router/modem.
    • Note: Do not disable DHCP unless you really do know what you are doing. 


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