General DGTEC, Arista and Diginet troubleshooting

The most common problem is that the memory stick has been removed from the computer before the file is completed copying to it. You should use the Safely Remove Hardware wizard by using the following steps when updating the guide:

  1. Connect the memory stick to the PC.
  2. Go to the Support page of the IceTV website.
  3. Select the DGTEC category.
  4. Select the question "How do I update IceTV's EPG on my DGTEC DG-HD160PVR, DGTEC DG-HD250PVR, Arista or Diginet PVR?".
  5. Click on the link "Click here to download the latest guide file.".
  6. Enter your IceTV username and password.
  7. Save the file that asks to be downloaded directly to the memory stick, leaving the default filename as is.
  8. Safely remove the memory stick from the PC by right clicking on the "Safely Remove Hardware" wizard icon down in the system tray and select the USB memory stick from the menu.
  9. You are now ready to load the guide into the PVR using the options in the menu.
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