How to download the IceTV XMLTV feed with Wget

Plex DVR users should use the step on the page here:

Creating your IceTV XMLTV download link

To download the IceTV XMLTV feed using GNU Wget or via entering a URL in your recording software that supports downloading an xmltv guide feed you first need to create your personal download link.

  1. Go to the following link and login:
  2. If you have not previously created your download link you will see a 'Create Link' button that you need to click on. 
  3. If your link has already been created you will see a 'Copy link to clipboard' button. After clicking on the 'Copy link to clipboard' button you can then paste the link into a batch or script file to use with Wget, or paste the link into the appropriate xmltv download link section in the settings of your recording software (if it supports downloading the xmltv file from a URL).  

Selecting your EPG region and channels

Choosing the region and channels that you will receive in the Guide is done in the My Account area of the IceTV website. If you have not already specified which EPG region and digital TV channels you receive from your TV antenna, please complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the IceTV website and click on TV Guide then login with your IceTV User ID and Password.
  2. Your User ID (Member ID) is often the same as your email address.
  3. Now go to "My Account > Guide Settings".
  4. Select your region then click the "Save Settings" button.
  5. All of the channels for that region will appear in the list.
  6. If you are in a regional area there will city channels and maybe some duplicate or extra regional channels that need to be disabled. To disable a channel change "All" to "Disable".
  7. For the remaining channels that you did not disable you should check that the channel numbers for that channel match the channels you receive from your TV antenna. You can change "All" to one of the channel numbers available for that channel.
  8. See the full instructions on How do I change the channels my recorder downloads a guide for?
  9. Once you have chosen your EPG region and setup the channels that you will receive EPG data for you are ready to use your download link to start downloading the IceTV XMLTV guide feed.

Downloading the IceTV XMLTV feed with GNU Wget

If your recording software requires you to download the xmltv file for it you will need a copy of the GNU Wget command-line program and a script to download the IceTV XMLTV file.

Windows users can download Wget from (selecting the option for "Complete package, except sources")

Linux distros include Wget. Mac users can install Wget from

Wget is a command-line program that takes arguments specifying the URL to download and a path and filename to save the downloaded file to.

Wget trips up on certain characters in the IceTV XMLTV download links so the whole URL needs to be enclosed in double-quotes.

The following example command would save the downloaded xmltv file to C:\xml\icetv.xml

wget.exe "" -O C:\xml\icetv.xml

Replace everything between the " " (pair of double quotes) with your download link that you copied from


  • Your actual IceTV XMLTV download link will be a LOT longer than the short example above.
  • The " " (pair of double quotes) are enclosing the whole download link (URL), e.g. Before the https and after the string of characters that make up this (very short) example API key.
  • The output switch -O must have a capital letter O and not a zero and not a lowercase o.
  • The -O C:\xml\icetv.xml part of the example command above would save the downloaded xmltv guide data to a file named icetv.xml and save it in a folder named xml on your C:\ drive.
  • If either your output folder or filename contain any spaces you need to enclose the folder and filename in the command in double quotes. e.g. "C:\Xmltv Guide\icetv.xml"
  • Check if your recording software can access the xmltv file from a folder name containing a space before trying to use a folder name or file name with a space.


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