Setting up IceTV and DViCO TViX 660A, 6620N, 6640N, and Slim S1 Duo

To set up IceTV's Guide on your DViCO TViX 6600A, 6620N, 6640N, and Slim S1 Duo, please follow the simple instructions below. If you have any technical problems setting up IceTV Guide listings then please contact Customer Support.

Note: The instructions below assume that you have already registered an account with IceTV and have selected which TV Guide region (EPG region) you would like to receive TV guide data for. If you haven't done this or are unsure please go to My Account and select your region and time zone and then click "Save Settings". 

An updated firmware has been released by DViCO and is required to get IceTV Interactive to work. More information on this can be found on the TViX website.


  1. Setup an IceTV Interactive Device.
  2. Check the Firmware version.
  3. Setup instructions for DViCO TViX.
  4. Setup the IceTV EPG.

1. Setup an IceTV Interactive Device

An IceTV Interactive device is needed to download the guide on the DViCO TViX, when you sign up for the IceTV Guide an Interactive device should automatically be created for you. The following steps will show you how to check this and set one up if needed.

  1. Login to the My Account section on the IceTV website.
  2. Click on the "TV Recorders" tab.
  3. Under the "Add an Interactive Device" section enter a name for your device in the box marked "Device label" (e.g. Loungeroom or DViCO or TViX).
  4. Set the recorder model to "Dvico TViX".
  5. Click "Add"
  6. The page will refresh and you will get a confirmation message at the top saying "Device Added" and a new box will appear just in case you want to add a second device (if you only have one device to use with IceTV Interactive for remote recording purposes just leave this new box blank).

You are now ready to check the firmware on your DViCO TViX 6600A, 6620N, 6640N, Slim S1 Duo at step 2. Check the Firmware version..


2. Checking the Firmware version

A firmware of 1.9.8 or later is required to use IceTV with your DViCO TViX 660A, 6620N, 6640N, or Slim S1 Duo. Please follow the instructions below to check your firmware version and update your firmware (if required).

There is a comprehensive guide to checking and updating the firmware on the TViX webiste located on the TViX Support pages.

You are now ready to continue on at step 3. Install and setup the DViCO TViX..


3. Install and setup the DViCO TViX

To use the Guide on your DViCO TViX you will first need to install and setup the device. This will involve connecting the DViCO TViX to your antenna connection, your TV and your home network (these three things will need to be completed before you can setup the IceTV Guide). This will also include the scanning of channels and setting up a favourites list so that you can set the order of the channels in the guide. There are detailed instructions for these steps in the manual that was included with your DViCO TViX.

You are now ready to continue setting up the Guide on your DViCO TViX at step 4. Setup the IceTV EPG..


4. Setup the IceTV EPG (TV Guide)

  1. On the main menu screen select "Setup".


  2. Go across and select "HDTV".


  3. Ensure that the country is set to "AUSTRALIA".


  4. Select the correct timezone from the list.
  5. If you have not done so already you can scan the channels in from this screen by selecting "Start Channel Scan".
  6. Select "IceTV Configuration".


  7. Change "EPG Type" to be "IceTV EPG".



  8. Select and enter your IceTV "User ID".




  9. Select and enter your IceTV "Password".




  10. Select "Check User Info".


  11. If you do not see a successful screen like this one then check you have entered your User ID and password correctly (NOTE: The IceTV User ID and Password are case-sensitive, so whichever way you typed these details in when registering on the IceTV website, ensure you type them in exactly the same way on these screens).


  12. Select "Select Device ID".


  13. From the list that comes up select the device name that you entered under the My Account section of the IceTV website earlier.


    DViCO TViX Setup screenshot.

  14. Select OK to complete the setup.


  15. The next time you go into the HDTV section from the main menu the IceTV Guide will download automatically.

You have now successfully completed IceTV's setup procedure for the DViCO TViX.

To view the TV Guide, press the "GUIDE" button on the remote control while watching TV. If all has been setup correctly you will see an IceTV logo on the screen.

If you do not see any TV Guide data please check that you have followed all the above steps correctly. If the problem still persists you can check our Knowledgebase section for the DViCO TViX or contact our Customer Support on team via our Contact Us page.


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