Why does my Topfield reboot every 2 minutes when IceTV is enabled

Solution to stop Topfield PVRs from rebooting when IceTV is enabled

Many Topfield owners have  experienced their Topfield recorder constantly rebooting.

We have confirmed that with all the new channels now being broadcast there is now too much EPG data for the Topfield to process, especially all at once. But with Topfield having shut down in Australia in 2015 a firmware update from Topfield to solve the problem will never happen.

There is something that you can do yourself to stop your Topfield rebooting when IceTV is enabled. It is as simple as disabling a few channels that you don't watch or don't need.

You will still be able to watch the channels you disabled in your IceTV account. They just won't have programs listed in the EPG and IceTV won't set recordings for those channels (which is why you only want to disable duplicate or unwanted channels) . You can hide the disabled channels on the Topfield so you don't see blank rows in the EPG on the Topfield - or you can delete them off the Topfield if you prefer (see the link at the end of this article).

How to Disable a Channel's EPG

To disable a channel's EPG change 'All' to 'Disabled' on the right-hand side of the channel in My Account then Guide Settings.


Which Channels to Disable?

A. Channels available in both SD and HD

You could disable one of each of the channels that are duplicated in SD and HD. If you prefer HD disable the SD channel. If you prefer SD disable the HD channel.

Each region will have SBS and SBS HD plus their local version of nine in SD and HD. Some regions also have Ten in SD and HD.

  • SBS or SBS HD
  • Ten or TenHD
  • 9 or 9 HD
  • WIN or WIN HD
  • NBN or NBN HD

B. Channels you don't watch

Then disable a few channels you don't watch. Maybe the Community Channel (C31, 31, 44 or WTV) and the 'Food Network' and 'ABC News 24' and ABC3 and NITV. The more channels you can disable now the better as it gives your Topfield more leeway in case a future week's EPG has more programs than this week.

C. Channels that should be set to a single channel number

Finally, any of the remaining enabled channels that have choices of multiple channel numbers (LCNs) must be set to 1 channel number each. These may currently be set to 'All'. So you want to change them from 'All' to a number. Make sure you choose a channel number that is on your Topfield.

For city areas:

  • Set ACB to 2 or 21 (and Not 'All')
  • Set 7 Digital to 7 or 71
  • Set 9Go! to 93 or 99
  • Set Nine to 9 or 91 (or disabled if you have 9HD enabled)
  • Set One to 1 or 12

For regional areas:

  • Set ACB to 2 or 21 (and Not 'All')
  • Set Prime to 6 or 61
  • Set WIN or NBN to 8 or 81 (or disabled if you have WIN HD or NBN HD enabled)
  • Set Go! to 83 or 88

D. Channels you don't get a signal for

Regional regions have lots of extra commercial channels in your account because different locations in a region can sometimes get different channels. You MUST disable all of the channels that your Topfield does not receive a signal for.

For example, if you are in an area that gets NBN and NBN HD then you don't want Imparja and Imparja HD, or 9 and 9HD enabled. If you are in an area that gets SC10, SC10 HD and SC Eleven then you don't want Ten, TenHD and Eleven enabled.

Disable all channels that only have a single channel number choice for a channel number that your Topfield doesn't have.

Disable any channel that has the choice of the same channel number as one of your channels. You cannot have 2 channels with the same number! For example you cannot have NBN on 8 and Imparja on 8.

Please see How do I map channels on the IceTV website for my recorder for steps on mapping your correct channel numbers.

Still Rebooting?

If your Topfield still reboots every 2 minutes disable another channel or two in section B above, and double check for extra or invalid channels and channel numbers as in section C above.

Note: Your Topfield may reboot once more as it sorts out the changed channel list.

How to hide the channels with no EPG data from showing up in the Topfield's EPG

After disabling extra and/or unneeded channels in your IceTV account see this article on deleting or hiding channels on your Topfield.



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