How do update to the new channels on my Topfield TRF model

This page is for the TRF-5320, 5310, 5300, 2460, 2400 and the TF7100HDplus model Topfield PVRs.

Note: If you have the older TF7100PVRt model see the steps at this link.

The new channels and channel number rearranging that has been taking place around Australia recently has resulted in the requirement to rescan the channels. Doing this without losing your recording reservations for the next week can be tricky. The following steps will guide you through rescanning the channels without losing any recordings. 

Deleting the channels will also reset the IceTV settings so we will guide you through setting up IceTV as well.

  1. Click Menu on the remote control.
  2. Click OK on "Installation" then "System Recovery" then "Reset Service List".
  3. Select "Yes" and click OK to confirm you wish to remove all channels.
  4. Press Menu to go back one level to the "Installation" menu.
  5. Click OK on "Service Search" or "Searching".
  6. Scroll down to "Start Search" and press the OK button.
  7. Wait until all the channels have been found then press Exit.
  8. Press Menu then scroll across to "Settings" and press OK.
  9. Scroll down to "IceTV" and press OK.
  10. Make sure IceTV is still set to "Enable". If not, set it to "Enable".
  11. Click OK on "User Information"
  12. Enter 0000 when prompted for a PIN or Password.
  13. Click OK on "User ID".
  14. Delete the word "Guest".
  15. Enter your IceTV username and save.
  16. Click OK on "User ID".
  17. Delete the word "0000".
  18. Enter your IceTV password and save.
  19. Select "OK" at the bottom and click OK.
  20. You should see a message saying "Login Successful".
  21. Check that "Select Device" shows your Topfield's IceTV device name. Select the correct device if it shows "none" or a different device.
  22. Exit the menu.
  23. Wait until the guide data appears in the guide (if it doesn't appear within 20 minutes turn the Topfield and back on).
  24. Go to the TV Recorders tab on the website.
  25. Click on the 'Resend all recordings' link on the same row as your Topfield device.
  26. Leave the Topfield turned on for an hour or more, as it sometimes takes a few hours for the guide and all reservations to be downloaded.

You will probably now want to delete all of the shopping and infotainment channels and any duplicate channels that also have a blank guide. To delete unwanted channels or setup favourites for the channels you want to see in the guide see the how-to steps here.


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