How do I setup Wireless Networking with my Topfield Dongle

To connect your Topfield PVR to your WiFi network via the Topfield Wireless USB Dongle, please follow the instructions below.

You will need the following information before starting

  • Your wireless network name or SSID.
  • What type of security your network is using. i.e. None, WEP, WPA or WPA2 Personal.
  • For WPA or WPA2 security you will need to know if it uses TKIP or AES encryption.
  • If using wireless security you will need to know your wireless network's security key or passphrase.

If you need to check what security settings your wireless network is using you can usually access your router’s admin settings via a web browser. Please refer to your router’s user manual. 

Wireless Setup Guide

  1. Connect the USB wireless dongle to the front or rear the USB port on the Topfield. 
  3. Select ‘WIRED/WIRELESS LAN’ then select WIRELESS. 
  4. Select ‘CONNECTION TYPE’ then select DHCP. Note: DHCP is recommended as it will dynamically assign suitable addresses from your router. 
  5. Select ‘AP LIST’ and press OK, then select your personal network from the list of available networks. 
  6. If your wireless network has security enabled another window will appear with security settings. Check that the selected ‘SECURITY MODE’ and ALGORITHM match your wireless network’s security settings. Note: The correct choices are normally detected automatically. 
  7. Enter your wireless network’s pre-shared key, which is also known as your network password or passphrase. Note: The network password is case sensitive. Use SHIFT to switch between upper and lower case letters as needed. Select SAVE when done. 
  8. Scroll down to the OK below your password and press the OK button on the remote. 
  9. Scroll down to ACTIVATE and press the OK button on the remote control. 
  10. The Topfield will now try to connect to your wireless network. A successful connection will populate all the IP address settings and the Level and Quality bars will show a high percentage level. If the fields do not populate within 30 seconds or you get an error then check your password and security settings. Note: If you ignored our recommendation in step 4 to use DHCP you cannot see on this menu if the wireless has connected or not.

If you have any DNLA/UPnP Media Servers on your home network you can test the Topfield's network connection by going to 'Menu > Entertainment > Home Media > Share Device List' and checking that you can see your media servers listed. Make sure your devices with media server apps or software are turned on and the media server app/software is running.


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