Can I update the EPG via a USB stick

If you are unable to update the firmware on your Topfield via the Internet using the Topfield's "Network Firmware Upgrade" menu, or you need to install a firmware version that is not the latest version, you can update the firmware on your Topfield via a USB stick.

A. First you need to download the firmware file for your Topfield model from the firmware list on the fan supported website.

  1. Unzip or extract the downloaded zip file (only required if you downloaded from the Australian Topfield website).
  2. You should now have a file with a .tfd file extension. If you cannot see the extension, right-click to check the file's properties to see if it is a tfd file type.
  3. Copy the .tfd firmware file onto a USB stick.
  4. After the copying to the USB stick has finished, remove the USB stick from the computer.

B. Then to Upgrade via USB:

  1. Plug the USB Stick into the Topfield's front or rear USB port.
  2. Press Menu on the Topfield remote and go to 'Installation > Firmware Upgrade > USB Firmware Upgrade'.
  3. Select 'Start Upgrade' and press OK.
  4. Answer Yes.
  5. Select the USB stick and press OK.
  6. Select the Firmware file that is on your USB stick and press OK to start the upgrade.
  7. Do not turn the Topfield off until the upgrade has finished.
  8. Within a few minutes the upgrade will complete and the Topfield will switch itself off and back on.
  9. You can now remove the USB stick.


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